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Bugs Alive - A great resource for keeping insects
Bugs Alive - A great resource for keeping insects
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Using insects in Extended Experimental Investigations (EEI) for Senior Biology in Queensland


The following links are provided  to help teachers increase their knowledge of insects and create awareness of the resources available for teaching.  More links will be added as we become aware of them.
General Information

Visual Key to the invertebrates - a very helpful and easy key to use to help you identify insects and invertebrates to Order.

What Bug Is That? The Guide to Australian Insect Families - A visual resource to help identify insects.  An overview and description of each insect order are presented with photos. More in-depth information is included to identify insects to the family level.
Lucid Keys to Insect Orders:
Android version - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.lucidcentral.mobile.insect_orders&hl=en
iOS version - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/key-to-insect-orders/id938574258?mt=8
Online version - Key to Insect Orders (http://keys.lucidcentral.org/key-server/player.jsp?keyId=1)
Discover Life -- Insect orders identification - Visual keys are used to help identify insects to order.  Each order has detailed information, photos and links.
Museum of Victoria Infosheets - descriptive fact sheets on specific species and types of insects
Museum of Victoria Bug Page - comprehensive information on a variety of insect topics including: diversity, adaptations, food chains, beneficial insects; includes a resource page of worksheets and activities which can be used in the classroom for levels P-10.
Queensland Museum Insect Information -  Information about identifying, collecting, preserving and keeping live insects; includes information about insect projects for secondary classrooms
Brisbane Insects and Spiders -  a collection of insect information and photos from the Brisbane area presented by the enthusiastic Chew family.
Insects of Tasmania - a website set up to show photos of insects specifically from Tasmania
BugsEd - Insect Crosswords, colour-ins and find-a-words, how to make your own bug box and more
Queensland Museum's Backyard Explorer - Learning Resources for years 6-9; provides opportunities for school's to conduct their own biodiversity projects.
Museum of Victoria Bug Catcher Game - a variety of online activities designed for primary school aged kids to help them identify different types of invertebrates
The Manduca Project from the University of Arizona -  a science outreach program for primary school aged children using Manduca sexta (tomato hornworms) to examine a diverse array of biological problems.  This site has lots of useful information about insects in general, including lesson plans and activities.
Excursions or Incursions for schools
Minibeast Wildlife (Victoria)  Provide a huge insect service including:  hands-on insect education experiences for schools (pre-school to VCE) or kid's parties, mail order insect supplies (a huge variety) for classroom or hobbyist use, insect photography or filming needs, as well as general insect information
Bugs Ed. (Queensland) Interactive Insect Workshops for all ages (Available in South East and Far North Queensland); website also includes fact sheets, activities, classroom kits, insect glossary and web links
Butterflye Skye's Bug Shop (Sydney) The Creepy Creature Zoo comes to you!  School incursions are an excellent way for children to learn about key areas of the syllabus while having fun. All incursions are adapted to year level and cover outcomes included in school syllabus and best of all you can.
Butterfly Adventures (Melbourne) Butterfly Adventures brings the excitement of LIVE butterflies into your school's classroom! Butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalis (pupae) are brought to the class and their complicated lives are revealed and explained using amusing props like the 'butterfly costume'. Students will have a chance to touch butterflies and watch them eating.  Incursions are done in Melbourne Metro area mainly, occasionally travelling to country Victoria.
Waterbug Company (Melbourne based, Australia-wide consulting) The Waterbug Company can tailor specific training programs, talks and workshops for a wide range of audiences, from kids to adults and from amatures to professionals.
Supplies and Equipment
Australian Entomological Supplies - supplies for all your entomological needs including collecting equipment, pinning supplies and display boxes
The ARCade - Primarily a site for amphibian/reptile owners where you can order live crickets, houseflies and cockroaches online
Higher level information on specific topics
Dung Beetles Australia - primarily aimed at pastoralists, but provides detailed information about dung beetles  and how they are useful in agriculture. 
Decomposition - This graphic site describes the processes of decomposition including information on the insects that aid decomposition and how they can be used in forensic evidence.
Council of Heads of Australian Entomological Collections - Links to Entomological Collections in Australia and New Zealand; provides contact details for entomological collections as well as contacts for collecting permits

Bugs for Bugs - primarily aimed at farmers and horticulturalists; provides information on integrated pest management and biological controlThe following links are provided  to help teachers increase their knowledge of insects and create awareness of the resources available for teaching.  


Waterbug Company (Melbourne based, Australia-wide consulting) The Waterbug people people consult across Australia, especially when it comes to teaching and specimen identification. The Waterbug Company can also tailor specific training programs, talks and workshops for a wide range of audiences, from kids to adults and from amatures to professionals.